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deep cleansing facial
Rejuvenate your skin

Reduce fine lines and improve skin texture with our facial treatment

leg waxing
Waxing, the effective hair removing

Snap them out from the root

sugaring hair removal
Sugaring - The gentle hair removing method

Historical hair removing from the Egyptian time

Eyelash Extensions procedure
Beautified your eyes while you rest

Lash is individually glued on top of your own lash to add length and volume

products women love them because they work
Your new Love affair with lash extensions

Say goodbye to mascara and dump your lash curler. You are in a long term relationship with lash extensions

Eyelash Extensions
Beautiful Eyelash

Enhancing the length, fullness, and thickness of your natural eyelashes. Forget goofy 3d fiber lashes

About D'gal Waxing & Lashes

D'gal Waxing & Lashes believe feeling gorgeous and looking fabulous isn't just for the privileged.

For the safety of everyone, MASKS ARE MANDATORY at our salon

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